A strong foundation

Since 1869, our focus at Boston Children’s Hospital has been on giving every child the best chance at a healthy life. We’ve done whatever it takes to accomplish that goal, combining the power of compassionate care and pioneering research to better understand disease, and to transform that knowledge into innovative treatments, preventive measures and even cures. We are home to many firsts — from the first surgery to repair a heart defect in a child, to culturing the first polio virus, to the development of chemotherapy to treat acute lymphocytic leukemia in children.

A bold present

Today, our capability to heal is accelerating as we develop promising new approaches including gene therapies, stem cell transplant procedures and fetal surgical interventions. Outside the lab, we’re helping raise a world of healthy kids by partnering with families, fostering our community and training the next generation of leaders in pediatric medicine and research.

A bright future

In a century and a half, pediatric medicine has come further than our founders could have ever imagined, but we’re not finished yet. Looking forward, Boston Children’s is undertaking essential expansion and renewal projects, collectively known as Transforming Tomorrow. We are modernizing our facilities to ensure the highest quality and safest care for patients and families. And we’re continuing to dream big and make those dreams reality — so every child can have a healthy tomorrow.

A view of Boston Children’s proposed new clinical building from the main entrance.